Bravo 800

Product code 8152.020;
Submersible slurry pumps for pumping fluids with abrasive solids.
The Bravo 800 is extremely wear-resistant thanks to the use of Hard-ironTM and the low shaft speed. Equipped with an agitator to enhance the ‘up-stirring’ capabilities it is a superior quality pump for all kinds of slurry applications. Also available in Explosion Proof version.

Technical specifications Pump type: Electrical submersible Slurry pump
Classification: IP 68
Max submersion: 20m/66 ft
Cable: 20 m/66 ft Cable 20 m/66 ft SUBCAB [This pump requires an external starter box]
Discharge connection: Victaulic
Limitations: pH 5.5-14
Max liquid temp: 40°C/104°F (70°C/158°F on request)


Specifications 50 HZ 60 HZ
Discharge connection 6″ 6″
Rated power P2 [KW] 45 52
Max. power consumption P1 [KW] 49 56
Shaft speed [r.p.m.] 1475 1775
Rated current 1 82 A/400V 80 A/460V
Rated current 2 63 A/500V 63 A/575V
Solids passage [mm] with agitator 36 36
Height [mm] 1652 1652
Diameter [mm] 875 875
Weight [kg] 613 613