Congratulations to the footballers rescued from the flooded cave!

Grindex is absolutely delighted with the news that the rescue of 12 young players from the Moo Pa (Wild Boars) soccer team and their coach has been completed successfully today!

We salute the work of the Thai Navy, as well as the international experts, rescue workers and local volunteers who have been working day and night in a very difficult weather and hazardous environment. We would also like to offer our praise and gratitude to our Thai distributor Nopporn Express, whose staff have been volunteering at the cave site during the rescue operation. At their own initiative, they were the first on site to deploy pumps inside the cave, and they have been dewatering non-stop ever since.

Mr. Pradoemsit Srichumphon and his team advised the Thai Navy on the initial installation and operation of dewatering system inside the cave. Major portion of the meaningful dewatering was undertaken using Grindex pumps and Nopporn design system and expertise. The dewatering of the cave was key to the rescue mission – by keeping the water level down inside the cave while heavy rain has been a constant threat to the crucial air level inside. The efficient dewatering by Grindex Matador, Major and Master pumps kept the rainwater at bay and enabled the Thai navy’s rescue operation.

Once again, congratulations to the boys, their coach and their families, as well as the people of Thailand – and well done Nopporn Express, Grindex is very proud of you!!