Product code 8109.282; Based on the same basic design as the drainage pumps, the sludge pumps come into action when the liquid gets dirtier than can be handled by the drainage pumps. The design even permits converting between drainage and sludge models allowing you to adapt the pump according to the varying conditions.

Technical specifications Pump type: Electrical submersible One-phase and Three-phase
Classification: IP 68
Max submersion: 20 meters
Cable: 20 m, SUBCAB: 1-phase: 20m: 3G1.5mm2 1-phase: 16m: 14AWG/3 3-phase: 20m: 4G1.5mm2 3-phase: 16m: 14AWG/4
Discharge connection: Hose
Limitations: pH 5-8,ISO-G or NPT
Max liquid temp: 40°C


60 Hz 1-ph 3-ph
Discharge connection 3″ 3″
Rated power P2 [kW] 1.8kW/2.4HP 2.6kW/3.5HP
Max. power consumption P1 [kW] 2,2 3,1
Shaft speed [r.p.m.] 3405 3410
Rated current at 230V 9.9 A 9.5 A
Rated current at 460V 4.7 A
Rated current at 575V 3.5 A
Solids passage [mm] 2 2
Height [mm] 782 782
Width [mm] 249 249
Weight [kg] 3 33